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EDM Blasting Service Singapore

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Pay monthly starts at US$12 or your can choose more pricing options according to your email blasting need in Singapore.

1) Pay as you go (US$ 10 per campaign + 3 cents per email)
2) Pay Monthly - starts at US$12 per month.
3) Or decide your cost per email, by buying email credits.

EDM Blasting Service in Singapore with no set up fee

You receive EDM blasting service (sometime known as Mass Email Blast Service or EDM Blast Service) from us, providing you with EDM software hosted on web. Here you can send html newsletter by yourself (Self Sevice Email Marketing), or we send html Newsletter for you. (Full Service Email Marketing).  Our eNewsletter Solution include Video eNewsletter. This video enewsletter solution is for Full Email Service Package only.

Send Files As FlipBook Using EDM Blasting Service in Singapore
What's new with EDM Blasting Service in Singapore at

Do you plan to blast eMails that require file attachment? Files like brochures,
catalog,  presentation, magazine, book, events programs etc.
You can now use SendMailGURU + FlipBookService. We convert your pdf file to FlipBook and host it. You simply use the link address in your newsletter campaign. Visit our site for details  

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The Template Builder will ease your work.
With our Template Builder, you build your email templates fast in 60 secs.
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The Easy Email Editor will ease your work.
With Our New Easy Email Editor, you edit contents, add images easily.
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